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How to Appoint a Proxy - Introduction

The New Zealand Share Registers have developed a system to allow shareholders to appoint proxies on line. This is a development we are enthusiastic about as it makes it simpler for you, the shareholder owner, to express your views on the activities of the company.

Naturally we would encourage you to appoint the NZSA as your proxy holder, however this on line service allows you to appoint anyone to represent you at the AGM/SGM of the company.

To utilise this service you need to log onto the share register's web site, enter the appropriate information and vote accordingly.

When you appoint the NZSA as your Proxy Holder there is no need to do anything else as the Share registry will advise us directly.

Click on the share registry below that administers the Company share register to gain access.

Family Trusts. On line voting allows one Trustee signature for proxy appointment

The advent of on-line voting has made it easier for one Trustee of a Family Trust to vote for a proxy representative. Issuers (companies) will accept the signature of the first Trustee who can confirm that they have read the terms and conditions and thereby the declaration is signed. This in effects allows for one Trustee to sign on behalf of all the Trustees of a Family Trust. To ensure legal certainty, we suggest your trust should pass a motion accepting one nominated person to sign in these circumstances.
This is good news and we would encourage all Trustees to actively utilise the on-line voting process to give the NZ Shareholders Association the Trust's vote.

Not all companies have on-line voting yet, but acceptance is growing.

Computershare have an option for NZSA and Link has a default option via the Body Corporate tab - except that if an Issuer agrees to have NZSA there, they can have it.

The process for on line voting is different for both registries as given below:

Link Market Services

Link Market Services Share RegistryHave your Common Shareholder Number (CSN) and FIN to hand.

Click on the Link logo to the left
Find the proxy online voting tab

Put in the name of the issuer (company) and your shareholder CSN and FIN. You can then vote on-line by going to
- 'Voting Direction',
- Choose 'We wish to appoint another person to vote on our behalf at the meeting'
- Go to 'nominate an alternative'
- Choose the Body Corporate tab and they have to enter or nominate NZ Shareholders Association.

Computershare online voting

Computershare Share RegistryUnfortunately Computershare have a different system for each Company meeting so the process is a little more complicated than for Link Market Services above. At the moment there is no on-line or proxy voting tab on the Computershare site.

Have your Common Shareholder Number (CSN) and FIN to hand.

The AGM mailing goes out to the shareholder and the proxy form contains a control number and a website address.

Go to the Computershare website for the particular holding (issuer/company) and put in the control number. You will then be put through to a separate 'site'. Then start the voting process, including choosing the NZSA option or manually entering 'NZ Shareholders Association'.

On-line voting and appointing the NZ Shareholders Association is also a useful tool for individual or joint shareholders using the same process as above. 

If you have any questions you can email the NZSA direct via the Proxy Co-ordinator by completeing the form below:

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